Why you should not work out inside in Southern California? Outdoor Workouts


Why you should not work out insideOutdoor Workout in Southern California?

Most of the country is experiencing epic winter weather with temperatures below zero, but in Southern California we are blessed to have temperatures in the high 70s this January. So if you live in Southern California, take advantage of the climate, get outdoors and enjoy your beautiful Southern California surroundings. Mother Nature has so much to offer in terms of active living exercise.

Create Your Own Outdoor Workouts

  • Find a local park or beach.
  • Look around your chosen location and get creative. Build a workout that lasts 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Trust us: It is way easier then it looks. Have fun with it.



Hills are great for sprints, lunges and moving side squats.

Sand. Practice core workouts. The sand makes simple tasks such as balancing on one foot a core workout. Recommendation: Lunge with high knee.

Park benches. You can do so much with a simple park bench. For arms, you can do triceps dips and modified push-ups. Add weights and combine a shoulder press with a step-up.

Stairs. Walk, run, lunge, squat. Add hand weights for extra challenge.

This week we had two Be Better outdoor workout teams start up for winter 2014.

In Dana Point, Calif., we met at Strands Beach. We call it the “Middle Staircase” workout.  The parking lot at Strands is set high on a cliff that overlooks the dazzling beach and ocean. In our opinion, it is the most perfect place to experience the beauty of Southern California. We used the hill, stairs and park benches.

Newport BeachIn Newport Beach, Calif., we met at Little Corona Beach. Some of our women say this is their favorite location. The beach is tucked away off Poppy Street and Ocean Boulevard. We used the hill and did circuit training with kettle bells and 5-lb. and 8-lb. hand weights.

It was a great way to start the new Be BETTER season. Being outside allows you to appreciate where you live. It makes you stop for a moment and find gratitude for the things around you.

If you are interested in joining a be better workout, we would love to welcome you with open arms!