Only Touch Once #bebetter52

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed by simple tasks that pile up so high, you become discouraged?  Do you sometimes ask yourself, “Where do I even begin?” This week we have a solution for the chaos we tend to create for ourselves. 

This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to practice one-touch productivity. One-touch productivity is the act of completing your daily chores without stopping to multi-task. If you have a dirty plate, instead of putting it in the sink and coming back later to wash it, complete the task in “one-touch” by washing it immediately. Don’t remove the laundry from the dryer and put it on your bed. Take it, fold it and put it away right then.  When you get in the bad habit of multi-tasking, tasks are often left half completed, and you begin to feel overwhelmed by things building up. This week complete tasks from start to finish by focusing on one thing at a time, particularly the small stuff.

Whether one-touch productivity is something you practice at home or in the office, this method allows you to accomplish much with more time left to focus on bigger things that matter. While practicing one-touch productivity, it is important to change the way you direct your focus. So often it is easy to become caught up in to-do lists. When your mind moves from task to task faster than you can complete them, the result is less productivity. When you focus attention on one task at a time, completing it from start to finish, you are able to finish more tasks.

Completing tasks, rather than allowing tasks to go partially finished, is actually good for your mental health. As you check off items from your to-do lists, you free up space in your mind and are able to think more clearly. Practicing the one-touch method helps to keep you in the present moment. 

One-touch is great for kids, too! Passing on this method to your children can establish good work habits early. It is simple. Encourage your kids to clean up what they have been working on before moving on to the next activity. Practicing this routine with your children will allow your whole life to feel less overwhelming.