Nutritional Yeast #bebetter52


Maybe you have seen these golden flakes at your local health food store and wondered what they might taste like or what they are good for. As to taste, the flakes are nutty, cheesy and delightfully creamy. For your health, half a tablespoon of this week's Be Better Challenge provides you with a day's worth of B vitamins? This week's Be Better Challenge is to use nutritional yeast.  

Nutritional yeast is high in protein and fiber; one serving is equal to 6 grams of protein!  It is made from an organism grown on sugarcane and beet molasses, which is then harvested and dried to deactivate the yeast. It is different from Brewer's yeast or Baking yeast, so be sure to read the label carefully. It can be found in most health food stores like Trader Joe's and New Seasons, and it can also be found online.

It's easy to incorporate nutritional yeast into your diet! You can use it instead of Parmesan cheese on pasta, on roasted veggies, in soups, stews, and salads or on popcorn. Many vegans use it as a cheese-flavoring substitute. Its nutty, cheesy flavor isn't overpowering, so you and your family can reap the benefits without anyone even noticing!  Use #bebetter52 to see how others are completing their challenges and get ideas for incorporating nutritional yeast into your diet this week.