Did you know nail polish can be toxic? Non toxic nail polish


non-toxic nail polish for kids

Non-Toxic Nail Polish

by Kelly Sekera

Until I had my children, I never really looked at my health habits or considered living green. I never thought about eating organic, or questioning the ingredients in my cleaning supplies or my beauty products. But that all changed as soon as my kids were born

I worried about what I was feeding them and exposing them to. Then I started wanting to make better and healthier choices for myself, as well. I thought I had my bases covered: I started eating organic and unprocessed foods, using chemical-free cleaners and using more natural beauty products. Then I received an email from a close friend with a wellness blog from The New York Times, “Is Nail Polish Harmful?” My first thought was, “Oh no! I just painted my 4-year-old daughter’s nails!” The article details the toxins found in nail polish, including the “toxic trio.” That trio includes formaldehyde, a known carcinogen (used as a hardening agent), and two chemicals linked to developmental defects: toluene (to spread color evenly) and plasticizer dibutyl phthalate, or DBP (for flexibility and sheen). What? I’ve been painting my nails for most of my life!

So where do I go from here? To be honest, once I became a mom I stopped painting my fingernails because they always got destroyed within hours as I went about my daily tasks of cooking, cleaning, watching my kids and washing my hands religiously. But I treasured my pedicures. It was my one special treat that made me still feel like a woman and not just a mom. So I found a healthier nail addiction, Jamberry Nail Wraps.

Non-toxic Nail PolishA mom friend and I met up one day, and I noticed that she had an intricate floral design on her nails. I couldn’t believe how good they looked and I thought, “Where did she find the time to get that done?” She told me that they were Jamberry Nail Wraps, which are thin vinyl stickers that you apply to your nails using heat and pressure. They are non-toxic, vegan, gluten- and latex-free, and animal-cruelty free. Made in the USA, they won’t chip like nail polish. They last for up to three weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes. They will not damage your nails, and they come in over 300 designs.

This all sounded great, too great. I tried them out and was happily surprised! I was so impressed, in fact, that I’m now a Jamberry Nails sales consultant. There was no chipping, I wasn’t worried about having toxic chemicals on my body or near my children. My daughter saw my “cool mommy nails” and wanted some, too. This is the first time I felt totally comfortable letting her wear something on her nails. Plus the company has a Jamberry Juniors line, which is made for smaller fingers and comes in cute kids’ designs. Jamberry also makes a nail lacquer that is free of the “toxic trio.” Now, if I ever have time to escape to get a pedicure, I bring my own polish.

My experience has been so positive that I wanted to share it with you. For me, as a mom of two little kids, some days a shower can be a luxury. It’s so nice to have a little something that makes me feel fancy every day.

If you have any questions for me about Jamberry Nails or for more information about the harmful chemicals found in nail polish, please email me at berrrybusymama@gmail.com.

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