Non-toxic Cleaning Supplies #bebetter52


Non-toxic Cleaning Supplies #bebetter52

feature picSummertime BBQs and house parties mean it’s time for some summer  cleaning.

Perhaps you haven’t looked at the ingredients in the cleaning  supplies you use, but this week we challenge you to use only non-toxic cleaning supplies. If it feels overwhelming to buy and use only non-toxic cleaning supplies, make it your goal to swap out at least one item in your house for a non-toxic replacement.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,   air quality inside a  house is often two to five times more polluted than the air outside.  Traditional household cleaners play a major role in this statistic. Most  store-bought cleaners are filled with toxic chemicals and have labels warning you not to breathe in the fumes. Green cleaners, on the other hand, keep the air we breathe clean.

In Karyn Siegel-Maier’s book The Naturally Clean Home, she explains how a study conducted by Toronto Indoor Air Commission concluded that women who work at home have a 55 percent greater chance of developing cancer than women who spend most of their time outside of the home, due to the former’s greater exposure to household carcinogens. Although this is a scary statistic, it’s important to know that adding a toxic load to our homes by using artificial cleaners day after day can be detrimental to an entire family’s health.

Another advantage of non-toxic cleaners is that they are cheaper than other cleaners. A simple batch of all-purpose cleaner costs mere pennies, and buying the ingredients in bulk can make it even less expensive.

We all should greatly care about the Earth we live on and find ways to help sustain our environment. Conventional cleaners can easily dissipate into our water through drains, negatively affecting wildlife and other natural resources. Most water treatment plants are unable to remove a majority of these chemicals.

Luckily, lots of non-toxic cleaners are available in stores. Still, it’s cheaper and healthier to make your own cleaners. With vinegar, castile soap, baking soda and essential oils, you can create any type of cleaner imaginable. For example, a mixture of vinegar and water is the perfect substitute for toxic floor and window cleaners. Click here to learn simple recipes for cleaning the whole house.

cleaning supplies tipIf you use non-toxic cleaners this week, Be Better will donate $1 to Not for Sale Campaign. Also, don’t forget to take a picture of the green cleaner you use or make and include the #bebetter52 hashtag, so $2 are donated.

Help yourself, your families, and the environment stay healthy this week by using non-toxic cleaners. It should give you peace of mind.