New Uses for Old Things #bebetter52


New Uses for Old Things #bebetter52

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We have one Earth and only one Earth. Let’s start acting like it!

This week’s Be Better challenge is to get creative and find new uses for old things. We all have things around the house that could be used for something totally unrelated. Let’s be resourceful this week.

For example, an empty toilet paper roll can be the perfect holder for hair clips and hairbands, so you don’t misplace them in the bathroom! What if you need a tablecloth for a children’s birthday party? Use the mat of a Twister game for a fun and colorful tablecloth.

Being resourceful comes down to assessing what is available to you. We live in a time where we constantly want more. Whether it be a new phone, a new camera case, or a new belt, we are constantly dissatisfied with the materials we do have, and strive for the latest and greatest. Instead of purchasing new possessions each season, consider what you do have. Think outside the box. Need help? Check out Real Simple, a website that gives endless ideas for being clever and creative with items you have around the house. Directly below is a photo taken by Sang An, found on Real Simple, repurposing an old frame for a beautiful vanity tray. Putting a colorful piece of paper or fabric in the middle is the perfect finishing touch.

vintage frame!Finding new uses for old things helps us become environmentally resourceful. Additionally, it helps us financially when we use ingenuity and creativity to come up with unique uses for our old possessions.

Remember that Not For Sale gets $1 if you complete this week’s challenge. Be Better will donate $2 if you post a picture of a creative new use for something old, using #bebetter52.

Take a peek around your house this week for seemingly useless objects! Get creative and inspired to convert objects into conversation pieces. We are so excited at the prospect of seeing all the fun things you come up with.

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