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natural beauty suppliesNatural Beauty Products

By Renee Sellers

Be Better’s goal is to keep you informed about what it means to be happy and healthy in every aspect of life. Recently we discussed the importance of using non-toxic cleaning supplies and this week we are staying with the theme to discuss all-natural beauty products. Being aware of the products you use in your home and what you directly put on your body is very important! Many people are not aware of the harmful ingredients that are present in our everyday cosmetics. Your skin absorbs up to 64 percent of what you place on it, so it’s critical to know what those ingredients are!

One way to stay away from toxic chemicals in beauty products is to buy organic USDA-certified hygiene products. Make sure to look for the USDA seal, as many companies labels use words such as “herbal”, “natural”, and “organic” without having the certification. If it claims to be organic but doesn’t have the label, check the ingredients for how many are organic and which are synthetic. Look for items that are “paraben free”, and have no fillers, harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, or preservatives such as ‘phenoxyethanol’. For example, many deodorants contain aluminum, which is then directly absorbed by your skin and enters your body. Look for aluminum-free deodorant such as the “Tom’s” brand from Maine.

Don’t avoid all inorganic products though, as many lines work hard to use as many natural and earth-friendly ingredients as possible. When it comes to makeup do your research to find companies that have plenty of information on the quality and natural materials in their products. Many of these products can be found in your nearest natural-food store as opposed to the local drugstore. So consider using all-natural beauty supplies, it could make a huge difference in your life and your skin, and your body will thank you. For all-natural beauty supplies check, which provides handmade cosmetics. If you want to take a completely natural route you can do some mixing and use household ingredients to make your own products! Check out the blog for more information.