How a Lacrosse Ball helped with this my Sciatica?


How a Lacrosse Ball helped with this my Sciatica?

By Aly Simons

At first I didn’t know how relevant this week’s #bebetter52 challenge was going to be for me. Of course I know self-acupressure is beneficial, but if I was going to put pressure on a targeted location to relieve a symptom, then I had to have a symptom.

Ironically, Monday and Tuesday I was feeling really good. I was not struggling with nausea or the sciatic back pain I had been feeling in previous months due to pregnancy And then it hit yesterday. I attempted to do an exercise class (cardio barre) with my ever-growing belly. Afterward (well, even during the class), my annoying sciatic nerve started to flare again. When I took my leg off the barre, I could barely put weight on my left leg.

This has been going on throughout the pregnancy, and I am not surprised. My hips and lower back have always given me problems. I have gone to doctors, and the number one recommendation they have is yoga. Well, back to my point: the nerve pain shooting through my lower back and butt was my chance to practice self-acupressure.

I googled “sciatica” and “self-acupressure.” I found a detailed guide from, titled “Self-Help Techniques for Sciatica.”

A helpful chart from

The first step is to lie on your back and place both fists underneath your lower back so that the knuckles are pressing into the lower back muscles. Then hold for one minute.

Second, roll onto your side and place a tennis ball underneath the side of your buttock. It should create a pain that “hurts good.” Press this point (GB30) for several minutes.

Third, readjust the pressure as soreness decreases, pressing other tight points in this area.

Fourth, follow up by pressing three points: GB 34 (located on the outside of the lower leg and in front of the head of the fibula, GB40 (in the indentation directly in front of the outer ankle bone), and GB41 (just below the juncture where the bones begin to narrow on the top of the foot).

IMG_0335 IMG_0336 IMG_0334 So I tried some self-acupressure on the living room floor and, instead of using a tennis ball, I used a lacrosse ball. It felt good! My dog, Tucker, wasn’t quite sure what was going on, so he joined me in the fun. To be honest, it didn’t completely relieve my symptoms, but it did help. I am excited about continuing my sciatica self-acupressure routine.