Aly's Angle: My Attempt to Simplify


SimplifyAly's Angle: Attempt to Simplify

For some reason before I leave on a big trip, I always feel like it is an appropriate time to organize my office, files, closet, etc. In actuality, if I haven’t done it all summer, it really doesn’t need to get done before my 5:30 a.m. flight out of Los Angeles International Airport. The problem is that I have the tendency to complicate things instead of simplify. I am not talking about complicated relationships. I mean I add too much to my plate, insist on doing things “my way,” and fail to delegate.


Perfect example: Not only are we going to be gone for 10 days, but also we have a bathroom remodel that is going to start the day after we get back. Did the bathroom remodel have to happen then? I would say yes for a variety of reasons, but in a simplified world, probably not the best timing.  I have to worry about ordering new tile, coordinating with the contractor, painting the vanity – and the list goes on.

We truly have a choice to live a simpler life. I have always chosen a more complicated route, action-packed with things to do, events to run to and projects to accomplish. Even as I type this, it’s hard to admit that there is anything is wrong with my lifestyle. But the truth is that I have to learn to simplify because my actions affect my mental health and physical health. I have always said that God’s only way to get me to slow down is the curse of migraines. Well, while I was busy finishing a Be Better workout and racing to finish packing, I got a migraine. My migraines start with flashing, wiggly lines in my vision. Then I have a moment of silence without any flashing or any headache – and then the headache hits like a freight train. I was out. I was sick. The headache forced me to simplify. What was truly necessary to get done before our flight tonight? What needs to wait till I return? You can only do so much; choose what is important. Simplify

Although it doesn’t sound like it, I did try to work on the Be Better Challenge to simplify this week. With all the to do’s I was facing, I would stop and ask myself, what is my priority? The reality is that simplification needs to be a priority.

Tonight, I leave for Maui with my husband. We are meeting my Oregonian family on the islands for a solid 10 days for my dad’s 60th birthday.  I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I am excited to continue this journey of simplification while enjoying the simple life of Hawaii.