Mother's Day Challenge #bebetter52

Mama. Mommy. Mom. Mother. Each of us has a biological mother we can thank for the precious gift of life.  But motherhood often means much more. Many children have adoptive mothers, step-moms, foster mothers, surrogate moms like grandmothers and aunts or “mothers” who take care of everyone around them yet have never had children of their own. And despite the all-too-familiar-mother-in law jokes, a few even consider their mothers-in-laws right up there next to their own moms!

Some of our mothers are alive, some have passed on. Some mothers we strive to be just like, others we do not. Fortunate children and adults consider their mom their best friend. But regardless, we should be forever grateful for the sacrifice our mothers went through to bring us into this world.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of the mothers within our own families as well as the influential mothers in our society. Whether considering flowers, a sentimental card or a humorous one, a box of candy or jewelry, most of us search for the perfect gift to thank our devoted mothers this Sunday, May 14th.

As many of you know, for every completed #bebetter52 challenge, money is donated to Every Mother Counts. This non-profit organization has a mission to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere.

For this week’s #bebetter52 challenge, we are encouraging our members to go a step beyond. As you honor your mom (or any other mother) this Mother’s Day,  please donate a little extra to Every Mother Counts. The donation can be as small as $5.  Click here to donate or shop online to buy products that benefit women worldwide.

The statistics are staggering (all given by Every Mother Counts). The cause is important.

  • “800 women will lose their lives this Mother's Day” due to pregnancy and childbirth.

  • While most maternal deaths occur in the developing world, we lose 2 women everyday here in the U.S.

  • For each of these deaths, an average of 4 orphans is left behind.

Aly Simons shares her personal experience giving birth to her daughter Cooper, titled the “Untold Story of Cooper’s Birth.” She writes, “Women are not meant to only bring children into this world. They deserve to nurse them in the middle of the night, to kiss their “ouchies,” to snuggle in bed, to watch them grow, to teach them life lessons. I believe the powerful influence of women--mothers, grandmothers, aunties, surrogates--in children’s lives is a mighty force for love and all that is good.”

Good luck completing this week's challenge and Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there.