Morning Routine #bebetter52


“I want to be so in love with my mornings I can’t wait to go to sleep at night, like a child on Christmas Eve so I can wake up for morning.” Does this quote by Katie Dalebout match your feelings about mornings, or do you dread waking up and starting your day? Like Drew Canole said, "How you start your day is how you start your life." We definitely want you to start your days off right with a positive attitude. We live in a world where we can’t control everything that comes our way, but we can control how we start off the day.

This week’s Be Better challenge is to create a morning routine. Specifically, wake up fifteen minutes before you typically do and complete a task that will benefit you.

Research reveals that we are most productive first thing in the morning. Instead of wasting this precious morning time on email or social media sites, we suggest another route. Pick one or two new additions to your new morning routine, but keep your phone or computer out of it. Your routine can change from day to day, but what's important is that it inspires, balances, and uplifts you.


Whatever you decide on for your morning routine, make sure it is something you enjoy and look forward to. If our mornings are rushed and chaotic, we often feel less in control of our days. You can switch up your morning routine every week or even every day. Take some time to reflect on which routines work best for you, and adjust future routines accordingly.

Some options for things to do include:

Drink a glass of room temperature lemon water.

Walk outside and take in deep breaths.

Say out loud three things for which you are grateful.

Prepare and mindfully eat a good breakfast.

Drink herbal tea.

Write in your journal for 5 minutes.

Meditate for 5 minutes.

Write in a gratitude journal.

Look in the mirror and say three affirmations out loud.

Stretch for 5 minutes

Be active for 10 minutes, including yoga/walk/run.

Ponder opportunities to serve someone while deep breathing.

Throw a 10-minute dance party.

And next time you complain about having to wake up, think how lucky you are to have a brand new day in front of you. “Morning is a blank piece of paper.” Great metaphor. Morning means another day to leave love everywhere you go and touch the lives of people you encounter. Changing our thoughts can change our world.

Don't forget to post a picture of your new morning routine with the hashtag #bebetter52!