Morning Music #bebetter52

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Sometimes we forget the power of a good morning routine. The way you wake up affects your entire day. Each day brings something new, and whether it is a day we are looking forward to or not, we have the power to start it off with a positivity. This week we’d like you to literally start your day off on a musical note (pun intended).

Music greatly affects our mood. We did a little research to show how important music really is. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine reports that music affects “emotion, memory, learning, neuroplasticity, and attention.” Therefore, starting a day with music can affect how you think--not only at the beginning of the day but also throughout your interactions with others. Different music sparks different types of energy, so incorporating music into your life is essential to your well-being and state of mind.

The #bebetter52 challenge for the week is to listen to at least three songs in the morning as part of your morning routine. We would like you to do this before you scroll through your phone, watch TV, or respond to emails. That could mean staying in bed while enjoying soothing music or turning up the volume as you brush your teeth while dancing to the Bee Gees.  Whatever your morning routine is, we’d like you to finish three songs before beginning the rest of your day.

Below are a few different genres of music that could put you into various moods depending on how you’re feeling. We’ve even given you some Spotify pre-made playlists that might work!

Pop Music:

Hearing those boppy beats and fast-paced music can help you wake up energized, ready to start the day with a little head bopping or dancing around the room. Some great Spotify playlists could be “Today’s Top Hits” or “Morning Motivation.”

Calm Music:

This type of music can get you in the grove of waking up almost in a dreamy state. Feel the relaxation, take a deep breath and know that today you can feel relaxed and calm. Some good Spotify playlists for this are “Morning Stroll” and “Relax and Unwind” and “Your Favorite Coffeehouse.”

Throwback Music:

Sometimes, playing old songs you loved as a kid or teenager can thrill you even more than today’s popular music! That reminiscent feeling often makes us feel happy to relive the past and take a stroll down memory lane. Some great Spotify Playlists for this are “Throwback Tunes: 90s”, “Throwback Tunes: 80’s” and “All Out 00s.”

These are a few suggestions, but ultimately what you decide to listen to is completely your choice. The most important thing is to listen to music you love. Let’s make this challenge fun and exciting by turning up the music!


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