Mindful Eating #bebetter52


unnamed(2)Mindful Eating #bebetter52


In Jack Kornfield's noted work, Buddha's Little Instruction Book, he advises “As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise, you will miss most of your life.”

Our lives today are so busy and our to-do lists so long that everything we do becomes a product of multitasking. We scroll through emails as we run on the treadmill, we quickly apply makeup on our drive in to work, we scarf down lunch as we furiously work on assignments with approaching deadlines. No matter what it is that we are doing, we are always looking to save time – and understandably so!

For this week’s Be Better Challenge, we are asking you to slow down – specifically when it comes to mealtime – and eat mindfully. Step away from your desk, close the lid on your laptop, stop whatever it is that you are doing – and simply be present while you eat.


At breakfast / lunch / dinner / snack, check in with each facet of mindfulness:

  • Mind: Am I spaced out when I eat, or am I truly tasting each mouthful?
  • Body: How is my body feeling pre- and post-meal? Fatigued? Weak? Stomach growling? Full? Overstuffed?
  • Feeling: What feelings does the food that I am eating evoke? Comfort? Guilt? Contentment? Dissatisfaction? Remorse? Indifference?
  • Thoughts: What thoughts does this food provoke? Ideologies? Memories? Anxieties?

4 Tips to practice Mindful Eating

Don't multitask while eating- put all electronics aside while eating

Study your food- ask yourself how does it taste, where did it come from, be grateful for it

Portion control- focus on quality not quantity.

Slow Down- make eating meditative. Try eating with chopsticks, or chewing your food 15 per bite.

Additional tips on how to eat more mindfully can be found on Psych Central, Reader’s Digest and UC Berkeley’s website.

Being more aware of what we put into our mouths – not just this week, but every week – yields numerous benefits, including stress reduction, enhanced weight management, improved digestion, more enjoyable and satisfying meals, plus these perks discussed on Mercola.com and RebootwithJoe.com – all of which sound much better than looking down at your plate, meal after meal, and realizing that you finished it all without even tasting it!


Be Better by eating mindfully, and savoring each and every bite you take.