Week 15 (Life) Goal: Start a Memory Jar


Memory JarIt is so easy to let time pass you by without documenting events that unfold throughout the year. With our busy schedules, sometimes we forget to notice the amazing things that happen through the week or even on a given day. To capture those events so you can savor them again later, start a memory jar. Use a mason jar or a vase to store your memories–not the big events you’re bound to remember, but the little joys you tend to forget. Vow to not open it for a full year. Next to the jar have little pieces of paper on which you can write events, memories or positive things that have happened.  Suggestions: You can decorate the jar to give it a festive look or use several colors of paper to make it eye-catching. Also, you can allow others to add to the jar including roommates, significant others and children.