Member of the Week: Tori


IMG_8116-3Be Better Member of the Week: Tori

 29 years old, Portland, Oregon

mother, wife and former labor and delivery nurse

Why did you decide sign up for the challenge?

My mom signed me up for a Christmas present and I thought it would be fun.  I love how the challenges are attainable but impactful to your daily life.  I don't have the time or energy to put into a huge lifestyle change, but these goals I can strive for and still feel like I am taking steps to making my life better.

What is your favorite part about the challenges?

During the cool down of my Monday morning run I look forward to seeing what I will be focusing on that week.  The challenges allow me to better myself even with my 2 kids who keep me really busy.

What has been your favorite challenge?

The phone time-outs were one of my favorite challenges because I felt like putting my phone down was something I had wanted to focus on for a long time.  I hate being a "slave" to my phone and don't want my kids to see the top of my head all the time because I am looking down at my phone constantly.  I waste so much time being on my phone that I was ready to put it down for a while.

My meditative walk #bebetter52

What has been your most difficult challenge:

Anything that has to do with getting up earlier- meditative walk or morning routine :) The meditative walks were really hard for me because waking up early is hard since it’s a bit unpredicatble.  My wake up time is normally dictated by the time my kids get up, so waking up 15 minutes earlier is hard since I never know when they are going to wake up.  I struggling with meditation and live my life at such a fast pace that really slowing down my thoughts is really hard for me.

This was the write love letters #bebetter52 challenge

How do you describe the challenge to friends?

I tell me friends that it is weekly health challenges that when completed $1 is donated to a designated charity or $2 if you post to social media.  I tell them the challenges are attainable and that everyone can accomplish them.  Then I often give them examples such as drinking lemon water or establishing a morning routine.

I also mention to my friends that posting things on social media is fun.  I like to see what other people post, especially other family/friends of mine who are completing challenges