Meditative Walk #bebetter52



Meditative Walk Blog Post

This week’s 52 Week Be Better Challenge is to take a meditative walk.

Start by setting your alarm to get up fifteen minutes earlier than you normally would. (I promise you won’t regret giving up those last few moments of precious sleep!) Then lace up a pair of comfortable walking shoes, and get outside. Set a timer for fifteen minutes, and begin walking at a comfortable pace.

Concentrate on your breath as you walk, and focus your awareness on the experience of walking. Check in with your body, starting from the bottom up – become aware of your ankle joints, then your knees, your hips, your pelvis and your stomach. Follow that by concentrating on your neck, your jaw, and your eyes.

Pay attention to your body

How does each part of your body feel as you continue walking? Notice any tension, and work to soften and relax your body. Feel the sun shining on your face, your hair getting caught up in the breeze and your heels making contact with the ground, followed by your toes. Engage all of your senses – what do you feel? See? Smell? Hear? Taste?

Pay attention to any thoughts and emotions that surface during your walk. Acknowledge them for what they are, and let them float away on their own rather than hang onto them or drive them away. Continue to walk.

Ideally, before your 15 minutes is up, you will have found a balance between your awareness of internal and external happenings. Your mind and body will feel at peace. For a more detailed meditation guide, click here.

Enhance your health

While meditative walks may feel like they require a bit more conscious effort than your typical everyday walks, the benefits are worth it. Studies suggest that meditative walks can help:

  • Boost immunity
  • Strengthen bones
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Improve memory and creativity
  • Maximize productivity
  • Enhance overall mental health

Meditative walks can be done anywhere; no need to hop on a plane to complete this week’s meditative walk on one of the World’s 20 Best Hiking Paths (although they are undeniably breathtaking). Simply walk around your neighborhood, along the beach, in a local park, on a hiking trail – anywhere that is accessible and makes you feel serene. Feel free to stick to your favorite route if you have one, or check out a new one – click here to find walking paths near you, or download the TrailLink app on your phone.

Take a 15+ minute meditative walk this week! Your body and mind will both thank you!