Be BETTER Life Goal: Make Eye Contact


Eye ContactThis week's life goal is to consciously make eye contact with the people you come across.  Whether it is your spouse, your friends or strangers, increase your eye contact this week. Eye contact is important because it’s one of the primary indicators to show that you are actively listening.   Show your family and friends that you are really listening by making eye contact with them as they speak.   It also shows your confidence in yourself and what you are communicating.

Hundreds of years ago, in the era of kings and queens, servants were not allowed to make eye contact with royalty.  In their turn, those who were royal would raise their eyes above their servants in order to appear superior.  Have you ever seen this in our current society?  It happens all the time when we interact with the homeless and even sometimes with service people.  Averting our eyes doesn't make the problem go away.

Making eye contact makes people feel equal.  It acknowledges the person in front of you as important.  It creates a deeper level of communication.  by making eye contact, you can make someone’s  day.  It shows that you care, that you are on his or her level and that you are listening.  Eyes can captivate people.  For more reasons why eye contact is important, visit Yahoo Voices.

This week, show you are communicating and listening, and express your equality by making eye contact with the people in your life.  You might be surprised what you see!