Love Letters #bebetter52


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Love Letters #bebetter52

We love this quote by American writer Henry Miller: “The only thing we can never get enough of is love. And the one thing we never give enough is love.” As humans, we crave love from one another and, while receiving it is great, it is just as important to express love to those around you.

This week is Valentine’s Day. While many of us are thinking about what we are going to do, or what we will get from our loved ones or give to our loved ones that day, it’s important to focus on expressing our love for those around us. For many without romantic partners, Valentine’s Day is often a day to be dreaded.

However, there is a deeper meaning to this holiday than getting a box of chocolates or spending it with your significant other. It’s important to focus on feelings outside of romantic love, such as gratitude. Find gratitude in smaller moments where you feel love toward your friends, family, pets, etc.

This week the Be Better challenge is to write love letters, specifically to those people in your life to whom you don’t often get the opportunity to say, “I love you.” We are challenging you to pen a handwritten letter to them expressing your gratitude and love. Hand deliver the letter if possible; but if not, send it through snail mail.

By expressing our love for one another, we can feel connected. Many people take everyday acts of love or appreciation for granted. This week, it is important to show how much you appreciate those small acts.

Noteworthy website: Psychology Today discusses the importance of a human’s need to love. There is a connection between the need to love and the need to care for others. Studies have shown that small acts of kindness, such as buying someone coffee or simply telling that person how much he or she means to you generates just as much happiness as lofty acts.

Have fun this week, and Be Better.