Love Letters #bebetter52


IMG_6776Love Letters #bebetter52

We love this statement from Tian Dayton, a doctor of clinical psychology: “All of us need to know that we are loved; with it, a moderate salary and modest surrounds can still feel like a gift and a privilege, something to be grateful for. Without it, there is a constant void. Money cannot buy love. Money can fill a house with beautiful things, gadgets and endless amusements, but it cannot fill a heart.”

This week is Valentine’s Day, which means that many of us are thinking about what we are going to do, get or give on that special day with our loved ones. For those without romantic partners, that lack of a Valentine’s Day date might sting a little more than it usually does. Instead of a warm, fuzzy feeling, the holiday might trigger a feeling of loneliness. We challenge everyone to think less about what they are going to do, get and give, and more on the deeper meaning of the holiday. This week, focus on the love you feel outside of romantic love. Find gratitude in the small moments where you feel love for friends, family, children, etc. Love within our loves is essential to happiness.

IMG_6777This week the Be Better challenge is to write love letters, specifically to those people in your life to whom you don’t often get the opportunity to say, “I love you.” We are challenging you to pen a handwritten letter to them expressing your gratitude and love. Hand deliver the letter if possible, but if not, send it through snail mail.

When we express love, it makes us feel connected to people. It is fair to say that one of the most important things in life is to feel love and to give love. Don’t take for granted the opportunity to do both.

Noteworthy website:

We stumbled across wonderful, “love inspired” website this week. The website chooses three people per week in need of random love letters. The people are nominated by friends, and there is a brief paragraph describing their story. the person’s address is posted so you are able to randomly send an inspiring love letter to this person, designed to cheer them up and ultimately make them feel loved. What a great idea. More information at The Letter Request.

Have fun this week, be creative and Be Better.

 More quotes we love by Dr. Tian Dayton:

“With love, most things are possible; without it, life is a constant struggle against emptiness.”

“People do phenomenal things for those they love simply because they cannot bear the thought of losing them or the idea that they may be suffering.”

“When there is love in a home, there is a place to come back to, somewhere to feel special, to know that someone is waiting for you, someone for whom the world would not be right without you.”

“Love makes us feel seen on the inside.”