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Love LettersLove Letters

When people think about February, they often think about Valentine’s Day, which leads to either a warm, fuzzy feeling – or a feeling of loneliness.  But remember back to when you were in elementary school, when the holiday was not about romantic love but about showing love through cards and candy. This month Be BETTER will focus on LOVE, not just romantic love, but the love we experience from all different types of relationships in our lives.

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, write love letters to four to six people in your life. You might even add a little candy. We spend so much time and money showing our romantic love on this day, but most of the time we overlook other relationships.

This Valentine’s:

  1. Identify four to six people to whom you would like to write a Valentine’s Day love letter.

  2. Reflect on the love you feel for these individuals, and be truly grateful for it.

  3. In each card, write a specific example of why you love that individual.

  4. Mail or hand deliver the cards by Valentine’s Day.

Love LettersIt is important to remember that to some people, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that evokes a tremendous amount of love. For others, it amplifies a feeling of loneliness. I remember multiple Valentine’s Days where I felt a tremendous lack of love. I was so engulfed in my failed relationships that it distracted me and caused me to look for love in the wrong places. Instead of investing in the friends and family who did love me, I wanted more than anything to be loved by a man.

I forgot to thank my friends for the comfort that they provided me through the hard times.  I forgot to call my parents and thank them for providing a beautiful example of a marriage in my life. Instead, I just wanted flowers on my doorstep.

I remember the Valentine’s Day when everything changed. It was 2009, and I made the commitment to love those who loved me. I realized that, by focusing on the romantic love I didn’t have, I was being ungrateful and selfish to those who loved me already. That moment my definition of Valentine’s Day changed. That Valentine’s Day, although single, I felt more love in my life than ever before.


Be BETTER: Love those who truly love you.  Show them this February by accepting the Be BETTER Challenge of writing love letters.

Written by Aly Simons