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Its the week of Thanksgiving and we are reminded to reflect on what we are thankful for. It’s a special time spent with loved ones where we remember blessings in our lives, express gratitude to family and friends and, of course, stuff ourselves with delicious home-cooked food.

For this week’s challenge, we’d like you to focus on gratitude and to specifically write a list of 50 things for which you have been grateful this past year. It can be written in a journal, in an email, in a letter to yourself. We chose the number fifty purposely. Yes, a list of 50 is a long list, but that is what makes it so beneficial. It presses you to think of things for which you are thankful in all walks of your life--a new friend, a new hobby, a compassionate act, a forgiving heart, or simply the love of your family. Try to be as specific as possible.

After you write it, store it in a special place. A place that you can revisit when necessary or reopen every November. We encourage you to make this week’s challenge a special tradition to continue every year during Thanksgiving. Your gratitude list becomes a documented journal reminding you of all you have to be grateful for.  

It’s incredible how much can happen in a year: new challenges, new loves, new accomplishments. By reading last year’s Thanksgiving letter, you can reflect on how your life has changed. You could even challenge family members to write gratitude letters and share every year as a Thanksgiving tradition. Overall, we want you to have fun with this challenge! Actively thinking about what you are thankful for increases a positive outlook and attitude and helps you feel better overall.

From all of us here at the Be Better Movement, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones, and enjoy the food and company!