Letters of Love #bebetter52


This week’s #bebetter52 challenge will focus on LOVE, not just romantic love, but the love we experience from all different types of relationships in our lives.

When people think about February, they often think about Valentine’s Day, which leads to either a warm, fuzzy feeling – or a feeling of loneliness. Every Valentine’s Day we are flooded with messages of romantic love. From pastel candy hearts with flirty messages to bundles of red roses scattered throughout every grocery store, the holiday’s emphasis on romantic relationships is loud and clear. But remember back to when you were in elementary school, when the holiday was not about romantic love but about showing love through cards and candy. It is no secret the world needs more love, so let us open our hearts and share love with more people in it. Whether it be our partner, a family member, a friend, or perhaps someone we have never met before.


This week’s challenge is to spread love to those who least expect it through love letters! A fun way to complete this week’s challenge is to write letters of love and leave them around your community or in library books, for example. Spreading love can have a profound impact, especially when unexpected and to a stranger. You can also hand deliver letters of love to neighbors, leave them around the house for family members or roommates or, of course, by snail mail.

Another powerful way to write love letters to people you have never met is through the website, More Love Letters . It connects us with new individuals. They offer two ways to become involved. The first way is to write a letter to one of the people nominated, (Joe, Regina, Shelby, Anthony and Erica) who are real people in need of words of love and encouragement. You read their story, write a letter, and mail it to the address provided.

This week’s challenge reminds us to opens our eyes and see where expressions of love might positively affect those who may be overlooked or feeling down.  And it helps us realize the boundless power behind simple, small gestures that can make enormous differences in people’s lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day #bebetter52 friends! Let’s get writing!