Be Better Member of the Week: Katherine


 IMG_0265Be Better Member of the week: Katherine

mother, wife, daughter

I am 36 years old and I live in Orange, California

Why did you decide to do the #bebetter52 challenge?

Aly actually reached out to me to tell me she thought I'd really benefit from the challenge.  I had seen the challenge advertised in posts on facebook, and thought about it, but was kind of overwhelmed at the length of it.  52 Weeks is a little daunting.  Will I be able to commit?  What if I don't want to do certain challenges... what if I lose steam?  After a little convincing, I decided she was right, that I would benefit from the challenges and I decided to do it.

Drink lemon water. This one was easy- just walk out to the lemon tree thats boomin in the yard.

What is your favorite challenge thus far?

I think the smoothie challenge... or the water challenge

 What has been the hardest challenge so far?

 The Meditative Walk challenge.  Finding the time to do this, especially in the morning when it was recommended, is extremely difficult. I am literally running from 4:45am to 9pm... working out, working, kids - usually without my hubby home, dinner, lunches, ... I probably need the meditative walk more than most, but finding the time was impossible. (The sleep challenge was right up there as well!)

I shaved some fresh ginger root over my steamed green beans with salt and pepper.

When you tell your friends about the challenge, how do you describe it?

It's a 52 week challenge that when you complete the challenge a dollar is donated to charity.  If you post to social media, $2 is donated.  Each challenge is totally doable and not tough and they benefit your mind, body and/or spirit. (except for those that have me make time for myself, clearly)