Just Breathe #bebetter52

Most people don’t think about their breathing. It is an unconscious motion that rarely requires a second thought. However, unconscious breathing can result in shallow or quick breaths that deprive your lungs and organs of the full amount of oxygen, which may lead to stress and low energy. So how can you change your breathing habits to give your body maximum oxygen? The answer is conscious breathing. Simply being aware of your lungs inhaling and exhaling can increase your health both physically and mentally. According to selfication.com, your breathing can have an effect on your sleep, nervous system, digestion, mood and many other bodily functions. Conscious breathing can also help clear your mind of stress and relax your body.

This week’s #bebetter52 challenge: Practice conscious breathing. Take a few long, slow breaths while waiting in line for coffee or standing in an elevator. Take a minute out of your busy to clear your mind and just breathe.

Once you begin regular conscious breathing, you may notice higher energy, a clearer mind, and a brighter mood. It is such a simply exercise to incorporate into your daily routine that is also extremely beneficial. After a while of practicing conscious breathing, your body will begin to adapt and even your unconscious breathing will become healthier. So do your body a favor and just breathe. 

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