Aly's Angle on Herb Gardens


Aly VislockyHerbs I am obsessed with fresh herbs. I buy them all the time at Trader Joe’s, then use only one-quarter of them for cooking, leaving the rest to rot in the refrigerator.  I’m also drawn to the idea of having a herb garden. I envision myself on my knees on a Saturday morning, picking fresh rosemary to roast with vegetables that night for dinner. I have never had a garden before. Now that I think about it, the only time I remember planting anything in the earth was in 3rd grade when we had a class project to plant sunflowers.

But this week, I am going to plant a mini herb garden in my new backyard. Yes, my fiancé and I just bought our first house. The backyard contains two orange trees, a lemon tree and a young tangerine tree. It honestly blows my mind that I can walk into the backyard, pick fruit off a tree and eat it. It must be my suburban upbringing that makes me so surprised that I can grow fruits, veggies and herbs in my yard . . . and have it be self-sustaining. Wish me luck on starting my organic herb paradise. Now I just need to find tons of recipes that call for a variety of herbs.


Here are some cute ways to plant herbs found on Pinterest 

Planting Herbs         planting herbs    Herbs in old ladder

Also check out how cute these Herb Markers are for my new garden. I got them for a wedding present.