Week 7 (Life): Don't ask permission to Help People


Look around and Help OthersDON’T ASK PERMISSION TO HELP PEOPLE When we need help, do we ask for it or even accept it? Sometimes we try to do everything on our own because we do not want to inconvenience others.

It’s not only important to give help; it is important to allow others to serve you. They are blessed by the opportunity to connect with others by doing random acts of kindness.

The Be BETTER goal this week is to HELP someone. Don’t ask permission. Don’t say, “Do you need any help? (maybe secretly hoping they say no, because you are consumed by the activity at hand). Just do it. Help someone without asking permission. We are so conditioned to say “no, its OK, I got it” -- only to wonder later why we said that because we really do need help.

Help can be a random act of service or something as simple as a listening ear. Once you open yourself up and start looking for opportunities to serve, you will come across plenty of chances throughout the course of a day. You might feel as though you don’t have time in your day to help everyone around you who needs help. But what is the point of living if we are all robots sticking strictly to our own agendas? Be BETTER, and find that chance to HELP someone. It will assist them, but most likely it will assist you more. Check out this amazing website, Don’t Ask, Just Do. The website is a collection of stories and ideas designed to help you offer support and kindness – through actions, not words -- to others experiencing difficult times. From the loss of a loved one to medical emergencies to job loss, you will no longer ask, "What can I do to help?" You will know exactly what to do. Find your story and, if you feel inspired, add it to the website. Let’s support websites meant to lift people up and create a connection with people trying to Be BETTER.