Green Apples #bebetter52

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An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but as it turns out, not all apples are created equal. While we can all agree most fruits aid in good health, different varieties come with their own unique benefits. This week at Be Better we are excited to talk about one fruit in particular that has stood out among others as having a broad spectrum of nutritional properties, that is the green apple.

A real health food wonder, the green apple combats a variety of health concerns all in one tart, delicious snack. In addition to promoting health internally, green apples are incredible at enhancing external appearance. These fruits are small but mighty, packed with tons of antioxidants which aid in cell rejuvenation, promoting healthy, glowing skin. They act as a sort of cure-all for a variety of skin concerns, from aging to acne and everything in between. Their high levels of Vitamin A and C fight premature aging by reducing free radicals in the body. In addition, they help protect against skin cancer and a variety of other skin diseases by ensuring the skin receives adequate nourishment. You can even incorporate green apples as an ingredient in a DIY facemask to provide your face with lasting moisture, improve its texture, and brighten dark circles. Beyond the vast array of skin benefits, green apples can work wonders for your hair, increasing strength and shine, as well as speeding up hair growth from their nutrient density.

Aside from making you visibly vibrant, green apples offer many benefits under the surface. The combination of antioxidants and an abundance of fiber is the perfect concoction for detoxification in the body. FIber itself not only aids in digestion, but also helps the body to absorb less metals and harmful additives from processed junk foods. In addition, green apples support the liver’s ability to rid the body of toxins from dietary and environmental factors by increasing bile production. With less toxins weighing the body down, it is able to function more effectively and experience a resurgence of energy.

These powerful fruits will make you radiant from the inside out and are a great addition to your daily diet to ensure health all around and to provide a wide variety of benefits. That’s why this week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to eat green apples! There are a multitude of ways to do this, from slicing them up as a topping for oatmeal or yogurt, to dipping them in some delicious nut butter, or even just biting into one on the go!  We can’t wait to see our 52ers glow and feel their best this week!

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