Week 23 (Life) Goal: Gossip Less


  Dont GossipThis week’s goal:  Gossip less! 


Why do we gossip?


It can be quite exciting to hear about Kim Kardashian who is in midst of a breakup.  It also can feel thrilling knowing about the drama going on within our own circle of friends.  But if you were them, would you want others talking about your personal life?  Probably not. Remember no one is immune to being gossiped about. The friend that you are gossiping with is probably going to gossip about you the follow week. That’s why this week’s goal is to stop gossiping.  As harmless as it may seem, gossiping can actually be quite destructive.


Imagine that the person you were talking about heard everything you said.  Use this as a guideline for filtering your talk.  Help others do the same and even be a “gossip policeman,” asking friends and relatives to reduce on behind-the-back chatter or change the perspective on the individual.  The best way to do this is to not engage in the details of gossip. You may be met with some resistance, but eventually people will see the positivity of not gossiping.


How would any of us feel if others were saying bad things about us?  Not very good!  So turn over a new leaf and let the gossip go.  Instead of gossiping, spread good news.  If you hear of something positive, like Celebrity donating to a good cause, spread the word.  If your neighbor picks up your trash, tell your family about it.  This week, we turn gossip to good news and spread it!