Give Compliments #bebetter52


Give Compliments #bebetter52


I like to think that each of us gets to decide what kind of legacy we leave behind. We have powerful opportunities to impact those around us, our words leaving others either hurting or healing. I challenge you to go out of your way to shower love on people and sprinkle kindness everywhere you go.

This week’s Be Better challenge is to give out genuine compliments to people. Whether it’s a complete stranger or your best friend, share a compliment: it really can make someone’s day.

Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” But what makes a “good” compliment? Feel Happiness gives some tips, including:

  • Be genuine! This is arguably the most important technique to effective compliment giving. People can detect which compliments are sincere and warranted, and which are phony.
  • Be specific when complimenting. It makes the compliment more personal to the individual and more unique than a general statement they may hear all the time.
  • Acknowledge effort. Most successes arise through hard work and relentless effort. Appreciate the work people put in to get positive results, and compliment this effort.
  • Don’t wait for the perfect moment to compliment someone. Although the timing should be appropriate, allow the compliment to flow organically.

Although complimenting someone should come from a genuine desire to make another human feel better, praising can bring about important benefits for the compliment giver, too. First, it can help you meet a new person and make a new friend.

Also, complimenting others can increase your own happiness. Compliments can make someone’s day, and, in turn, make your day as well. Everyone likes to feel as though they’re positively impacting those around them.

Complimenting can also boost your self-esteem. As you become better at finding positive aspects in other people, you tend to notice positive aspects of yourself more often as well. Similar to the feeling you get after volunteering or helping another in need, praising others can help build self-worth from pouring energy into boosting others’ spirits. columnist Leigh Newman constructed a list of 10 interesting, quirky and uplifting compliments that really leave an impact. Check out the list at

In order to deliver a compliment, try these helpful tips:

  1. We all have special traits that make us wonderful. Find these treasures in people by searching for their positive attributes.
  2. Reframe your relationships by interpreting them in a new light. We can find the good in every person we meet. By replacing unhelpful thoughts with positive ones, we are more likely to deliver genuine compliments.
  3. Take note of the compliments others give you and which compliments are truly effective and uplifting. Use those types of compliments when you compliment others.

  It’s important not to expect anything in return after complimenting someone. We might get a “thank you” or praise back, but we should authentically want to appreciate another person without the thought of anything in return. It’s also key to receive a compliment graciously; how someone receives a compliment may highlight his or her self-worth. By praising others and accepting people’s praises of you, you learn to appreciate the good things in other people as well as in yourself.

Take and post a picture of a compliment you gave this week with the #bebetter52 and we’ll donate $2 to To Write Love On Her Arms. We can’t wait to hear about all the compliments you give this week!