52 Week Be Better Challenge is FREE this 2016


Excited to Announce that the 52 Week Be Better Challenge is FREE this 2016

Screenshot 2014-12-10 12.07.29When we created the 52 Week Be Better Challenge, it was a vision we believed in but were unsure if others would participate to make it happen. The vision is that every person on this earth has the ability to impact their own lives and the world around them. With a little direction, the impact of one individual combined with a community of like-minded individuals, becomes exponential. Be Better Movement’s mission is to assist in making this vision possible by turning your accomplished weekly wellness challenges into tangible donations to humanitarian-based non-profits.

Now after a full year of providing you weekly challenges and raising money for six different charities, it has become obvious that the #bebetter52 challenge is ready to grow, thus making an even bigger impact.   We are excited to announce that starting January 2016, joining the 52 Week Be Better Challenge is free.

Thank you.

We want to thank the 92 members who signed up and participated in #bebetter52 challenge in 2015. Thank you for believing in us enough to support our paid membership last year, because in reality, we would not have been able to do it without you. You gave our small company the ability to continue for another year. You are the foundation of Be Better; you are the reason we believe that Be Better can and will turn self-improvement into global improvement.

We are naming you our Original 92.

Of our original 92: 10 are from Australia and 82 from the United States. You come from 14 different states (including 1 Arkansas, 1 California, 1 Colorado, 1 Florida, 3 Hawaii, 1 Indiana, 1 Minnesota, 1 Nebraska, 1 New Hampshire, 1 Ohio, 17 Oregon, 5 Utah, 2 Virginia, and 3 Washington)

To some, 92 members might seem like a low number. But to us the impact speaks volumes. Our 92 participants completed over 1000 #bebetter52 challenges and independently raised close to $2000 for our six charities. Even if you did not complete every challenge throughout the year, you kept coming back. The reported responses and posted pictures showed women and men striving to Be Better every week. These posts motived us at Be Better to thoughtfully provide content to support every member of this dedicated group.

We have an ambitious goal for 2016. We want to go from our original 92 to 920 members by the end of 2016. As your Be Better Team, we vow to provide you thoughtful weekly challenges and work hard with partnering companies to funds the donations raised on your behalf.

If we have 920 members completing challenges, here is the cumulative impact:

  • 920 members making small changes within their own life
  • 920 members X 52 challenges = 47,840 accomplished challenges
  • 920 members X 52 challenges X $1 = $47,840 raised for charity
  • Plus an additional $1 dollar if you post on social media = $95,680

Now we need your help spreading the word.

For every new member that signs up before 2016, an anonymous donor has committed to donate $2 to Kenya Keys. Kenya Keys is our first charity of 2016.

Sign up before 2016. Remember its Free.

Thank you again,

Aly Simons, CEO Be Better Movement