Frame a Picture #bebetter52


Frame a Picture #bebetter52

 How many times do we take a picture on our phone or camera, but never look at it again? Even if we print our pictures, they get shoved into dusty photo albums kept in the garage or crammed in the back of the closet.

This week, Be Better is challenging you to frame a picture. Whether it’s a picture off your phone of you and your best friend, or a picture you print off the internet of your favorite quote, frame and display it.

IMG_0896 (1)Taking pictures is one way to capture specific experiences. We can never recapture that moment, but pictures allow us to reflect on those special moments. When we frame a photograph, particularly one that highlights joy, it can bring back our feelings of happiness. According to blog.yesvideo, capturing those little, everyday moments on the camera or phone keeps the memory alive. It is extremely easy to forget about a family trip or a special moment, especially years down the road. But taking and displaying pictures helps us to remember the small moments that accumulate to make up our lives.

It’s important to note that the picture you frame doesn’t need to be a photograph you have personally taken. Printing out a picture of your favorite place, animal, or an inspirational song lyric can spark joy in the heart, too. It is a constant reminder for us to live out the quote or to reflect on something that makes us happy. Framed pictures also make a white wall less boring and add color to a dull bookshelf or desk.

One meaningful gift is to frame a picture as a way to express your love for someone special in your life. One website, Personalizationmall, sells custom frames for any occasion. You can engrave and custom-design the frame however you’d like. This allows for a personalized, thoughtful gift for the holidays or a birthday.

This week, take a photo of a framed picture and post it on social media using the #bebetter52. This challenge is fun, easy, and will allow us to reflect on happy memories. We can’t wait to see the photographs you frame this week!