Farmers Market #bebetter52

Support farmers markets
Support farmers markets

Farmers Markets #bebetter52

Farmers’ markets: full of local produce and other goodies sold by proud farmers and business owners. You’ll likely find pastries, honeys, sauces, juices, candies, and a variety of breads.

We all have to eat, we all buy food – so why not be thoughtful about what we purchase and from where?

Farmers’ markets exist throughout the world. The size and type can vary, from a giant street fair to a small gathering of local farmers. But no matter which you choose, you’ll be glad you did. By shopping at your local farmers’ market, you can both improve your health and benefit your community.

This week’s Be Better challenge is to find a farmers’ market in your area and buy your week’s worth of produce there. It is best to bring cash because many venders do not accept credit cards.

You will be surprised at how much you can buy and how good it feels to be thoughtful about where you spend your money and what you put into your body. No matter whether it’s big or small, your local farmer’s market will be an adventure. You might even switch from the grocery store to the farmers’ market on a permanent basis!

Remember that everytime you complete a challenge $1 is donated to To Write Love On Her Arms. If you post a picture on social media with the #bebetter52 then $2 are donated. This week take a picture of your local farmers market to post on social media and maybe even give a shout out to them, so more friends “support local.” In the words of Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

What makes the produce healthier?

Most farmers’ markets have local fresh fruits and vegetables.  Some may have organic fruits and veggies, which is always a plus.  The produce you find at your grocery store loses nutrients while being transported from all over the country and abroad; local produce does not. Fresh produce loses nutrients quickly after it is picked. According to the Farmers Market Authority, “Produce purchased locally was probably picked within the past day or two and provides crispy, sweet and flavorful food.”

Why does it help my local community?

According to CNN’s Eatocracy,when you buy food from grocery stores, “For every dollar we spend on food, only about 16 cents goes to the farmer. The other 84 cents go toward what economists call ‘marketing,’ which refers not to commercials and advertising, but the entire chain that ensures food makes it from farm to plate.”

When you buy directly from the farmers at farmers’ markets, they get 100 percent of the money. That money, in turn, goes back into your local community. Supporting your farmers’ market will give a boost to your local economy.

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