Aly's Angle: Farmers markets make me feel alive


  Aly VislockyI have never enjoyed shopping. In fact, I was born with a guilty conscience that makes me feel overwhelmed every time I pull out my credit card. I don’t understand shopping addictions or shopping therapy. Recently, I have been trying to spend more time gauging the importance of where I choose to spend my money. As a consequence, I have enjoyed the process of spending because I see that money can be a vehicle to support local and socially responsible companies. It makes spending money more thoughtful and less robotic.


This week’s Be BETTER goal is to shop at the local farmers market. For me this transforms shopping into a thoughtful and enjoyable experience. Grocery shopping becomes more than a chore. It is about being outside, trying new local food, thinking about produce to cook for the week and supporting the community. I get into conversations with the farmers or bakers about how to cook the food.  It is a mindful shopping experience. I plan to make a tradition out of taking time each week to walk down to the market to buy food. It makes me feel alive.