Email Yourself #bebetter52


Email Yourself #bebetter52

Think about how many emails you send out every week. Why don’t you send a few to yourself this week?email journals

Yes, that is correct. We know it may sound strange at first, but email journaling is so important! This week’s Be Better challenge is to email yourself three times. You can type out experiences or inspirational thoughts that stand out to you. Afterwards, you can print out these emails or save them in a folder on your computer, so you can refer back if you need any motivation in the near future.

Take out 5 minutes a day to email yourself. Find a quiet place where your mind can be reflective and let out your thoughts, feelings, specific moments, or anything that brings you happiness. Use the date as the subject line of the email.

This challenge is asking us all to sit back and be reflective. According to wikihow, we have the opportunity to use our reflections to make profound and constructive changes in our lives. But individuals constantly overlook important moments or pieces of their lives because we are so busy jumping to the next thing. We live in a “touch and go” world, where people are always dashing to get from one place to the next, and it leaves little time for reflection.

One website,, states that, “usually, it's the future that will reflect back on the present. We decided to flip that around.” This website let’s us write an email letter to our future selves. We can choose any date we wish for it to be delivered. Be Better is challenging you to send a few future journal letters to yourself using it!

Both email and handwritten journaling have important health benefits. Journaling helps us to clear our thoughts and feelings. Just taking those few minutes to type out a moment may help you get in touch with your internal world. Psychcentral also explains how journaling can reduce stress. Writing about painful emotions can help release the intensity of the emotions. On the other hand, writing inspirational thoughts or positive self-love talks can remind us of how much we have to be thankful for instead of letting stress consume our brains.

With technology such a huge part of our daily culture, one app called Day One allows us to journal as much as we want and it syncs and backs up all of our entries. Actress and producer, Felicia Day, expressed, “I love Day One diary software because it syncs across computers and reminds me politely to record my life in little snippets.” Journaling and documenting these moments to look at in the future is such a profound and encouraging habit to get into.

reminder email journalEmail journaling can help us know ourselves better. Building this self-knowledge comes from documenting aspects of our lives that we may otherwise forget. Journaling helps rid the inauthentic masks we may be wearing in front of others, and allows us a chance to be honest with ourselves. Every person has a unique story to tell, and email journaling can reveals the depths of who we are.

Have fun writing emails to yourself this week and documenting special moments or thoughts so you don’t forget them. We are excited to take out this time for self-reflection right along side you this week!