Week 24-25 (Life) Goals: Give a dollar away


  Dollar a DayGet five dollars in cash (in one-dollar bills) and randomly give them away.


Give away your money?  That’s right!  It’s only five dollars, and you can live without it.  The experience will help you look for opportunities to give. When you pass by the neighborhood kids selling lemonade on the street corner, stop and buy some. Buy the Girl Scout cookies outside the grocery store to support the local troop, or donate an extra dollar to the advertised charity when you check out at the grocery store. When you buy your coffee, tip an extra dollar. No matter who it is, close friend or stranger, give away those dollars!


Why give away your money?  For many of us, the idea of giving away money is a foreign concept, especially if you work hard for yours, like most of us do!  But giving back to those around you will quickly remind you what life is all about -- and it’s not money!  Life is about taking the time to notice those around us who are in need and to do something about it.  This gesture doesn’t have to be large.  Even giving a dollar can make someone’s day.


Disclaimer: There are many studies that talk about the controversy of giving money to homeless on the street. When asked if you should give money to the homeless the article answers “The short answer is no. The long answer is yes, but only if you work for an organization that can ensure the money is spent wisely”(The Atlantic). It continues, “If we drop change in a beggar’s hand without donating to a charity, we’re acting to relieve our guilt rather than underlying crisis of poverty.” We are not telling you how to give away your dollars, but we want you to be educated to the impact of your giving. Please read the article


So this week, give away that five dollars.  You never know, the good karma could come back your way!