Day Trips #bebetter52

Just 60 minutes away a whole new adventure could be calling your name.  Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in comfort zone mode when we have time off, typically going to the places we know.  I challenge you to drive an extra 15-minutes from your favorite park or an additional 30 minutes from your favorite beach. Explore somewhere new that’s just an hour or two away from your usual go-to location. You don’t need to fly out of the country for a small vacation or to experience a rush of adventure. It can be just a day trip away! Just 60 minutes away a whole new adventure could be calling your name. This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to turn an ordinary weekend into an extraordinary day trip!

I live in Orange, CA, and I typically go to Newport or Huntington if I feel like a beach day, but many cool places are just a couple hours of away. Recently, I drove a mere hour to the beautiful flower fields of Carlsbad and then down to Ocean Beach in San Diego. I grew up in San Jose, CA, so this was my first time in San Diego, and it felt like a whole new exciting adventure! All that is required is a little extra driving time to discover new sites.

When I did live in San Jose, I would often take day trips to San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Big Sur and other amazing places. Day trips are almost like mini-vacations: You explore a new area, you travel a little ways to get there, and you typically take photos of yourself, family or friends, whoever goes along for the ride.

We want to challenge you all this 4th of July week. When you wake up on your day off or this Saturday or Sunday, don’t just go to your local farmer's market, mall or favorite hiking trail. Plan on driving at least an hour and see what awaits you in a neighboring city! Beforehand, look up what there is to do, such as local fairs, beach towns, markets, cool streets, fun eateries, etc.  Comment and post your favorite day-trip place on instagram and facebook with the hashtag #bebetter52! Have fun on your mini-vacation!