Dark Chocolate #bebetter52

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Just around the corner is Valentine’s Day, and we are getting ready to indulge in chocolate! Although the thought of chocolate may cause some of us to stress about keeping our diet healthy, dark chocolate has been discovered to hold a number of health benefits!

This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to not feel guilty about having a sweet tooth for chocolate, but to replace milk chocolate with a smart portion of dark chocolate!

Dark chocolate is known to be good for the heart and brain. Studies have shown that eating dark chocolate a couple of times a week can actually lower blood pressure! It also improves blood flow, helps prevent blood clots and reduces the risk of stroke.

Trying to get in all your vitamins for the week can be challenging. Dark chocolate may help solve that problem!  Potassium, copper, magnesium and iron are all found in this sweet treat!

There are multiples ways to incorporate dark chocolate into your week. Whether dipping a banana in chocolate, enjoying chocolate-covered almonds or finding small chocolate thins to munch on in the car, you have a surplus of products and ways to help you receive all the health benefits while fulfilling your sweet cravings. Take a photo of your favorite dark chocolate snack this week and post with the hashtag #bebetter52!