Connect to 10 Different People | Be Better Challenge


Connect to friendsConnect to 10 different people for 10 days | Popsicle Tasks

by Aly Simons

It is sad to admit, but sometimes life gets so busy that reaching out to friends and family seems like work. During those busy moments, days and even weeks can pass without reaching out to certain friends and family. The problem with this predicament is that society tends pressure us into the believe that social outreach and interaction is less important then the to-do list that haunts our days. For example, who really has time for hour-long conversations with your mother-in-law or best friend from high school? Don’t become too busy that you forget to tell those your care about that you have been thinking about them. Just imagine how you’d feel if you received a short message or note from a friend you don’t normally hear from. It feels good to receive love, and it also feels good to give love. Make sure you don’t forget about those who are important to you

The Be Better Challenge this week, is to reconnect with loved ones. We do understand that it might feel impossible but it is not. It doesn’t have to be a 60 minute phone call, it can be as simple as writing them a letter, text them hello, calling them and telling them “I love you” or meeting them for a quick lunch. Trust us, when you focus on others for 2 weeks, you will feel happier.

How we recommend doing it: choose 10 friends to connect with on 10 different days over the next two weeks. We want you to gather 10 Popsicle sticks and write 10 different names on them. Put them in a jar and place the jar somewhere that you will see it first thing in the morning. Every morning for the next two weeks, pull out a different Popsicle stick with a different name on it.

Be Better Movement always wants to connect how the Be Better Challenges aim to improve our mental health:

As a society if we fail to connect daily with those around us we become isolated. According to John F. Helliwell in an article Social Cures Have Good Side Effects, “Human are social being, hard-wired to gain pleasure and meaning through social relations-and especially through opportunities to do things together.” The article was posted on a website called which is a group of seven leading mental health and addiction non-profits agencies providing supportive information on mental health. The article continues the important of social outreach when struggling with mental illness. It states “Many of us will pull back from other people when we are experiencing mental health or substance use problems. In this way, mental health or substance use problems can lead to problems with social support and aggravate our feelings of loneliness. For these reasons, reconnecting with others in healthy, supportive ways is often an important component of managing most mental health or substance use problems.” It is not just important for others to reach out to those struggle with mental health, it is important for those struggling to reach out. We want to address the reality that those struggling with depression might find it extra difficult to reach out when all your want to do is isolate. We challenge you this week to commit to 10 friends or family.