Coconut Oil #bebetter52

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When many people think of coconut oil, they may only consider its beauty benefits on the skin and hair. Did you know that coconut oil helps weight loss, reduces risk for heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease, strengthens your immune system, and minimizes stress? The list of benefits for this simple, organic ingredient seems to be endless, and all it takes to access these benefits is a quick trip to the grocery store.

This week’s #bebetter52 challenge: Use Coconut Oil. Whether it be incorporated into your cosmetic routine or daily diet, coconut oil can be a solution to numerous issues many individuals face every day. Go buy a bottle or jar of coconut oil, and you’ll be surprised at just how many uses it serves!

Coconut oil contains unsaturated and saturated fats, polyphenols, numerous acids, vitamins, and minerals. These components combine together to create a healthy and tasty oil that is easy to digest and versatile to fit various roles. Most stores offer six main types of coconut oil; be sure to research which type you need for your category of usage.

Coconut oil is known around the world for its effective cosmetic benefits. To soften dry skin and prevent premature aging, buy a lotion, cream, or moisturizer that contains coconut oil as the main base. Alternatively, you can buy coconut oil at the store and make your own moisturizer at home. Coconut oil also repairs damaged hair and restores your hair’s shine due to its abundance of essential proteins. Purchase pure coconut oil and massage through your scalp to keep your hair healthier than ever. Coconut oil can even act as a tooth whitener--swish it around in your mouth to prevent plaque buildup and increase calcium levels.

Surprisingly, coconut oil has more health benefits than cosmetic benefits. A unique and tasty way to harness some of these health benefits is to include a splash of coconut oil in your coffee. Replacing milk with coconut oil can improve digestion, strengthen bones, and reduce the risk of liver and kidney disease. To boost weight loss, use coconut oil in place of other oils during any type of cooking. Coconut oil contains far fewer calories and boosts your energy and stamina for intense workouts. In addition, applying coconut oil over infected cuts and bruises can hasten the healing process due to its chemical composition, which is shown to protect damaged parts of the body. Add a bottle of coconut oil to your kitchen cabinet as a wise investment for resolving many daily and long-term problems while benefiting your health!