Beets #bebetter52


We realize that eating beets is somewhat known for being, well not the most exciting task. But when prepared right they can be not only nutritious, but delicious too!  I hope you all discover a newfound love for beets and all of their benefits this week! This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to eat beets!


Many know Beets or Beetroots as an addition to salads, a popular Russian soup, and even a popular natural coloring agent. What many people don’t know is how healthy consuming beets is for you. Because of their high nutritional content, including vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds such as iron, vitamin C, and fiber, beets are a power food. In addition to these benefits, they are also low in calories, with no cholesterol despite having the highest sugar content of all the vegetables. One of the more interesting facts about beets is they are a good source of beneficial flavonoids. What are flavonoids?

Flavonoids, a diverse group of plant chemicals found in most vegetables and fruits, are responsible for the vivid color in them. Beets, in particular, are a source of the flavonoids called anthocyanins, which may aid in preventing cardiovascular disease and cancer and in boosting cognitive function. Anthocyanins are richest in blue, purple or red fruits and vegetables. The different flavonoids in each fruit and vegetable provides different health benefits for you.

Now it’s time to add beets to your dinner plate!