Be Unproductive #bebetter52


The title of this challenge may have some of you perplexed. What could we possibly mean be “unproductive”? After all, our challenges are all about taking action to improve our lives and the lives of others. Why would we encourage the opposite? And for those of you who immediately had such thoughts, this challenge is for you more than anyone. The culture we are a part of has a tendency to be very focused on acheivement. This enables us to be very ambitious and innovative, but simultaneously far more stressed out than many other countries in the developed world. There is something to be said about forgetting your to-do list for a day.

So yes, this week’s #bebetter52 challenge is to allow yourself a break from your bustling life and be unproductive. We encourage you to give yourselves permission to do the things that you may have previously deemed as a “waste of time.” Whether that be sitting down to do a puzzle, starting a craft, or even trying a new recipe, this is your opportunity to do that thing you haven’t made time for. After all, allowing ourselves this freedom to truly get distracted by something that brings us joy is not a waste of time at all, and might even be something we adopt into our routines going forward.

Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle is a strong proponent of this concept. One of the core principles to his teachings is the idea that we should not define our self-worth based upon our accomplishments, but rather by who we truly are. Let this be a week of reflection and appreciating yourself for all that you have accomplished. Rather than forging ahead, take in the moment by doing whatever your heart desires.

Shifting your attention to the present and allowing yourself a guilt-free break from your plans and objectives is incredibly restorative. It can lead to mental clarity, so that you may become aware of your priorities, your purpose, and the next steps to reaching your goals. Not to mention, it can greatly reduce stress and anxiety. We hope that you incorporate this idea into your life going forward and realize it is just as much about the journey as it is the destination. This is the challenge we think many of our 52ers do not realize they need, but by the end of this week it will be clear that it was the most needed of them all. Have a lovely, unproductive week!