Be Better: my team environment

My Be Better Experience

By Rita Savkina


team stair dayEver since I entered elementary school, my parents put me into team sports – lacrosse, swimming, water polo, and gymnastics. Being in a team environment, having to do the same hard drills, pushing each other to do better is what kept our team strong. We were all working toward the same thing, and being in a team atmosphere, I was able to gain friendships.

Once I entered college I tried numerous workouts on my own ranging from CrossFit – which is compared to an aggressive military workout – to random daily workout routines I would find on StumbleUpon. I couldn’t complete any of my routines. First of all, I had no one motivating me to do them besides myself. Second, I had no one telling me if I was even doing the workouts correctly. Third, it was just boring and too quick. My mentality was that the faster I finished this workout, the more time I’d have to get my other work done. But doing a workout faster is definitely not how you get a toned body and keep yourself happy.

Joining the Be Better group allowed me to experience the team environment that so many of us recall from our childhood. The team that you meet with regularly motivates and pushes you to do better. At the beginning of the workout, we stretch and talk about what is going on in each other’s lives, which helps you reach out to the rest of the group and escape your mental chaos, as well as build relationships. After stretching, we always do a wide variety of exercises in a beautiful setting. Working out in the open in the clean morning air next to the beach is definitely a good way to start your day! This group of women helped me break out of my own bubble and enjoy working out again, which I think beats running on a treadmill while staring at a TV every week.