Be Better Member of the Week: Dorothy


dorothyBe Better Member of the week: Dorothy

Stay at home mom of three, school volunteer & community volunteer

I am 34 years old and I'm from Sandy, Utah

Why did you decide to do the #bebetter52 challenge?

Joining bebetter52 was a no-brainer for me.  I'm not a big fitness person, but I knew I needed to be putting more conscious efforts toward not just my physical health, but my mental wellness too.  The weekly challenges are super achievable, and not overwhelming, so I wasn't scared away.  I just love that $1 goes to charity for every challenge I complete.  The best part of all for me was that my husband jumped on board.  I knew he was busy and possibly overwhelmed by all of his personal health goals, and I wasn't going to pester him about joining BeBetter52, but on his own he decided he wanted in. It has been great to share these experiences with each other.

IMG_9021What do you like about the Be Better Movement?

I love this motivation to try new healthy activities, habits, and food.  I find myself curious and excited each week about what the new challenge will be.

What has been your favorite challenge so far?

The challenge that has been the very best for me was probably Morning Routine.  We were to get up 15 minutes earlier than usual and do our morning routine.  I seldom wake up before the rest of my family, but it is for sure the best way for me to start my day.  Every day for the week of the challenge, I woke up all alone in my quiet dark house--while my husband and children slept. It was so peaceful! I started made my day with tea, stretching, and pondering gratitude, the way I should (but don't) start every day. Certainly, when we put in more effort with the challenges, they become that much more rewarding.


Also the week we were challenged to incorporate ginger into our diet was a special one for me. 5 years ago was the last time I saw my little sister before she died, and while she was staying with me, crazy strong ginger tea was a staple.  It was great to make ginger tea on my own and remember that time with her.