Be Better Member of the Week: Anette



Be Better Member of the Week: Anette

Wife, Grandmother, Humanitarian

I am 61 years old from Newport Beach, CA

Why did you decide to do the Be Better challenge?

I think it's a great learning experience. It's a great way to improve yourself and also help others along the way.

 What do you like about the Be Better Movement and challenge?

I love that the challenges are so easy. They are already challenges that I'm already doing because of the Be Better group that meets every week. They are really easy to incorporate into your every day life. They all make such a difference and improvement on you as a person, which I love about the challenges.

How do you feel like the challenge has made an impact on your life?


It has made a huge impact. Definitely! I feel like I'm getting better and better and that I'm improving myself so much. I still continue to incorporate these challenges into my life and with each new challenge that comes along, I try to figure out how I can incorporate it in my life. It can sometimes be hard to keep incorporating these challenges but I try my best and push myself because I know they make such a great impact for me.

What has been your favorite challenge so far?

I'm loving this week's challenge to "pamper yourself." John's nifty massage chair is just the ticket + Pandora relaxation station = 15 minutes of pure BLISS! #bebetter52

I love the challenges that push me to do something different and that I'm not already doing, since a lot of the challenges are things that I'm already doing. But I like challenges that are different, for sure. Like the Post-It note challenge, I had to improvise a lot on that. For me, it was surprising to do ginger challenge. I've never really had ginger so I didn’t expect it to taste so good! I didn't like ginger before, and still don't really like it that much, but I still eat it because it's good. My husband actually loved the ginger challenge. He loved the taste of ginger more than I did, so I feel like that challenge, as well as other challenges, provided more benefits for my husband rather than it did for me. I still do them all of course. I also liked the "drink herbal tea" challenge because it made me more relaxed.

What has been the hardest challenge so far?


Getting 8 hours of sleep was hard for me. I usually find it difficult finding time to get to sleep early because I'm always so busy during the day. I have deadlines to meet, but I do everything I can to get enough sleep. I try to find time throughout the day to take naps and things like that so I can get enough sleep, but still, it's hard.

Took a meditative walk at sunset in the Black Bay. Couldn't resist. Too pretty to stay home. #bebetter52

Any suggestions for future challenges? If so what are they? If not, how can we improve on challenges that already exist?

That's a tough one. I need to think of the challenges as I go. I wouldn't be able to think of any challenges off the top of my head. It's kind of something I have to write down and really think about. Any challenge that is informative or helpful that others can learn something from it. I think that would be a great challenge. I like that you can look through old posts in the #bebetter52 tag to see what other people are doing during the week and learn things from their posts. There was one post for the non-toxic cleaners challenge that I really liked. In her post, Nicole provided some recipes for non-toxic cleaners that she used, which I thought was really neat.

When you tell your friends about the challenge, how do you describe it?

It’s a great way to do something good for yourself and something good for the world. It introduced a lot of new challenges for me. It is a great way to do something not only for yourself, but for other people, too. Just doing something easy and posting it to social media, you have money donated to great causes. The challenges help not only each person, but it helps on a bigger scale too. One person at a time, we can change the world.