Be BETTER Life Goal: 30 Second Tasks


Complete 30 second tasks!

During our hectic lives it can sometim

es seem easier to put off tasks and accumulate messes because we feel that they will take to long to accomplish when we are pressed for time.  However, most of the time these small tasks add up and become overwhelming. This week be BETTER goal is recognizing simple tasks that can be completed in 30 seconds and do them. We can ease stress in our lives and get more things done than we think possible. This could be quickly making your bed, carrying trash out of your car, putting away dishes, and packing a healthy snack for your day etc.  Remember these tasks are not to make you day MORE stressful they will instead help to make your life less stressful, more peaceful and simplistic.  J Have fun with this and even do a 30 second task that will make you happy or brighten your day