Be Better Impact: Sunny Day + Vitamin D = Happiness


IMG_9022Be Better Impact: Sunny Days + Vitamin D = Happiness

Hey there, Be Better community! It’s been hot in many parts of the country, so I hope you’ve been soaking in some Vitamin D to meet this week’s challenge. The best way to get Vitamin D is simply through sunlight. Just lying in the sun on a nice day for an hour or so can improve your health. But don’t forget to apply sunscreen before going outside!

Vitamin D offers several proven health benefits. It activates genes that regulate our immune system and releases neurotransmitters such as dopamine, which helps brain function and development. Dopamine is a brain chemical directly related to our sensations of pleasure. This is why it’s so important to get your daily intake of Vitamin D.

The whole family getting some vitamin D. Thank you @nicolesenora

Lack of Vitamin D can affect mental health. Although sunlight is a good way to replenish our Vitamin D, it isn’t the only source. You’ll find Vitamin D in such sources as fatty fish (think salmon and canned tuna), egg yolks, fortified milk and juice, and beef liver.

We had a lot of fun soaking up the sun. Great post @sekerafam

It was great to see all the ways you were getting Vitamin D this week. There were 31 completed challenges this week. Because of your completed challenges, Be Better raised $52 for TWLOHA. Remember whenever you complete a challenge for Be Better and post it to social media, an extra dollar is donated to TWLOHA. They are doing a great job raising awareness for mental health issues. To Write Love on Her Arms is such a great match for the Be Better Movement. We are also a community that seeks to improve people’s physical and mental health. Thank you to everyone who completed the challenge. We hope you continue these challenges throughout the week.

Charity Update:

TWLOHA is on the road again with Vans Warped Tour!

TWLOHA is a great non-profit founded to help those struggling with mental health issues and depression. This past week, a great piece was uploaded to their blog called A Safer Escape, which is a personal story from someone who suffered from an eating disorder. Be enlightened this week as you read about what she went through. Additionally, they will be tabling at Vans Warped Tour starting this week. Thanks to TWLOHA for giving people a safe place to talk about their struggles.

Thank you to @sekerafam and @nicolesenora for the amazing posts.