Be Better Impact: How do you eat your avocados?


IMG_8932Be Better Impact: How did you eat your avocados?

Hello Be Better Community!

We are so impressed to see how many of you completed this week's #bebetter52 challenge.

32 of you included avocado in your diet last week and boy did  the recipes look good.  Do you want to know some of the ways you ate avocados:

- Salads...oh all the salads

-Straight spoon and avocado. Adding pepper and/or Lemon

-homemade poke bowl

-Toast and/or Tacos

-In healthy smoothies


IMG_8944 IMG_8943 IMG_8942

Thank you for everyone who completed the challenges. $52 was raised for TWLOHA. By completing the challenge you practiced healthy eating aimed to improving your health, plus raised money for charity. Including avocados in your diet is a great way to reduce health risks, such as heart disease and even helps to control your blood pressure, plus how great do they taste?

We want to give an extra shout out to all the people that posted this week. The pictures were both beautiful and delicious. It was wonderful to see the different ways you chose to incorporate avocados in your meals last week. The more you participate in these challenges is not only helping yourself but it’s making a big impact on the IMG_8946organizations we support and even your community. Remember whenever you complete a challenge for Be Better and post it to social media, an extra dollar is donated to TWLOHA. They are doing a great job raising awareness for mental health issues. To Write Love on Her Arms is such a great match for the Be Better Movement. We are also a community that seeks to improve people’s physical and mental health.

Charity Update:

Tworkowski founded the nonprofit To Write Love on Her Arms, an organization to help a friend of his who was struggling with addiction, depression, self-harm, and thoughts of suicide. With Tworkowski’s help, his friend was able to seek treatment for depression. Way to go! Tworkowski continues to show support and help others struggling with these issues in his work with TWLOHA by shedding some words of encouragement and giving them hope. He has gone all over the country to speak about his experiences and to help those in need. This past weekend, Tworkowski and the TWLOHA have continued to spread awareness of their cause at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Thank you for providing a forum that allows people to talk about mental illness. Your work is powerful and inspirational TWLOHA.

Thank you @alyv, @katie_langley, Apollo Garcia and Anette Packer for this weeks highlighted posts.