Be Better Impact: A Safer Household


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Be Better Impact: A Safer Household

How's it going, Be Better community? Hope you've all had a fantastic week. We all know about spring cleaning, but what about summer cleaning? Especially after hosting parties for Fourth of July, you probably still have some cleaning up to do. The safest way to clean is using non-toxic cleaning supplies, this week's Be Better Challenge.

It was great to see so many of you using non-toxic cleaning supplies, which not only are great for our homes but for the environment, too!

You recommended techniques and brands like: Honey laundry detergent, Melaleuca kitchen cleaner, Method, doTERRA oils, Norwex cloths and lemons/vinegar/baking soda.

Using natural cleaning supplies benefits your health as well. Antibacterial soap does not clean any better than regular soap does. Many people use chlorine bleach, one of the harshest chemicals you could possibly use. Opt for vinegar as an alternative for fighting mold. Non-toxic cleaners also benefit your wallet. Using natural cleaning supplies saves you money!

Thanks to 17 completed challenges this week, $22 was raised for Not for Sale.

A trainee from Not for Sale's Reinvent Program at  Juniper Networks' Headquarters for career day

Charity update:

Not for Sale strives to help individuals escape modern-day slavery. This includes labor trafficking and debt bondage, the most common forms of slavery today, as well as sex trafficking. One way the organization helps people is through its Not for Sale: Reinvent program. This four-week program, based in the Bay Area, is designed to help displaced youth between the ages of 18 and 24 find work after being victims of labor trafficking and sexual exploitation. Recently, the Reinvent program sent trainees to Juniper Network Headquarters to develop work-readiness skills. Read this blog post about one woman’s experience at the career day event. Juniper Networks is set to host another event later this month.

Shout out to @nicolesenora for a great post this week! Keep up the good work, everyone!