Eat Avocados #bebetter52


 IMG_8738Avocados #bebetter52

 What’s a salad without avocado? Boring! Without a doubt, avocados  are a must-buy in the produce section. They are not only delicious  fruit, but they are nutrient-dense foods that contain many health  benefits.

 Even though most calories in an avocado come from fat, do not let that scare you! Avocados are the only fruit that contain a significant content of monounsaturated fat, or the healthy type of fat. These fats are vital for all cells in your body and help increase mineral and  vitamin absorption. Plus, these fats and the fiber in avocado help us feel full longer.

But the health benefits don’t stop there. According to Health Diaries, avocados have been shown to decrease the risk of prostate and breast cancer, lower cholesterol, and increase eye and heart health. Also, in every serving, avocados offer 20 vitamins and minerals.

This week’s Be Better challenge is to eat avocados. You can buy one from the grocery store, pick one off an avocado tree, or buy some at the farmer’s market. 

Put it in a burrito. How about a wrap or sandwich? You can even add it to a smoothie! Whatever you decide, avocados adds a burst of flavor and healthy nutrients. Here’s a “tried and true” Martha Stuart mango-and-avocado salsa recipe. So easy to make and yummy, too! Definitely worth a try – enjoy it with chips or add some pizzazz to your entre.

How much do you know about avocados?

Here are 6 fun facts:

1) Want to look young and wrinkle-free? Eat an avocado. They are one of the most inexpensive, anti-aging foods for your skin.

2) Avocado trees don’t self-pollinate. They need another avocado tree nearby to bear fruit.

3) Sometimes avocados are called the “alligator pear” due to their shape and rough, green skin.

4) Avocados are the size of a fetus in its mother’s womb at 16 weeks. (They also m

eat avocados

ake great baby food!)

5) To check for ripeness, don’t firmly squeeze an avocado. Instead, check its color and wait until it’s black or dark purple. To ripen an avocado quickly, put it in a brown paper bag for 2-4 days and add a banana or apple in the bag.

6) You can substitute avocado for butter or oil in baked good recipes.

This week take a picture of the avocados you eat. Don’t forget that every time you complete a challenge, $1 is donated to To Write Love On Her Arms. A donation of $2 will occur if you post the picture on social media with the #bebetter52.

Enjoy eating an avocado this week. Make sure to wash it before cutting to avoid transferring bacteria and dirt from the knife onto the fruit. Bon Appétit!