Attitude of Gratitude #bebetter52

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“You have so much to be grateful for!” How many times have you wanted to say this to someone who is complaining, unable to see all the good things in their life? How many times has someone told this to YOU? The practice of gratitude is not only beneficial when it come to daily reminders about love, health and happiness, but it is also critical because it influences the items we purchase and own. A state of gratitude has been shown to decrease depressed moods, allow people to sleep better, and to give people more energy. This week’s #bebetter52 challenge is aimed at helping you make gratitude a habit which, in turn, leads to a healthier and happier life!


Our challenge is to focus on the things you have instead of what you don’t have. By focusing on the tangible things you own, you will begin to fully appreciate those items instead of being discontent, always searching for better or more. It may seem surprising that we want you to pay particular attention to tangible items this week, but we do.  Once you start looking around your house with gratitude in mind, you stop looking outside the house for more things, prettier things, bigger things, nicer things. You will enjoy and cherish what you have. This is so beneficial for not only your happiness, but also your bank accounts! Our mantra this week: “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

Find a journal and document the little things you notice this week for which you are grateful, especially any item that might be overlooked. For example, be grateful for the bag of rice in the back of your cabinet instead of wishing you had more time or money to go to the store and purchase quinoa. Then, be resourceful and creative by figuring out a way to make yummy rice. This practice will help you appreciate the things you own, versus always looking to buy bigger and better. One quick look around your house can make you feel grateful for the simplest of things--for the comfy sweatshirt from college, the Sharpies you have to label your daily desk calendar, or the gifted toys to your children. These items that we often take for granted may be luxuries to others in less fortunate situations. In order to reap the benefits of gratitude, you must work at it every day, making it a habit. You may even find yourself being more resourceful, organized and content!

Gratitude health benefits: